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In today's world, we are not always gentle on our bodies.

We rely on our physicians and surgeons to heal the stress, the over-doing, and the pushing we do to maintain our busy lifestyles.

Physicians can only do so much.

As a result, we are left with a heap of problems in the industry.

Increased patient volume

Rising insurance premiums

Patients not completing prescribed therapy

There is a solution.

Now there is a tool to bridge the gap between patients, doctors and even insurance companies.

Physmodo is that solution.

It is our mission to help in the care of our bodies, taking advantage of the latest technologies, to start on a new path toward healing in our industry.

Introducing the

Physmodo APP

Physmodo offers a convenient and powerful end-to-end digital continuum of care for modern physical therapy clinics.

More precise data capturing

Scientists get to be scientists again

Saves Time

Brings together all devices.

Using the Microsoft Kinectâ„¢ technology, the ADEPT Clinic app monitors and provides real-time feedback while patients do their prescribed physical therapy. Patients respond to the visual cues and see that their therapy is being done correctly. The system also notifies the care physicians of a patient's progress.



Any tablet and Microsoft Kinectâ„¢


ADEPT Clinic App and ADEPT Cloud

How it works


The physician uses the technology to assess and analyze the patient's range of motion, presciribing the most ideal and accurate therapy plan based on real scientific data.

  • Assessment
  • Clinical Analysis
  • Clinical Prescription


The patient is guided through the therapy plan, while being closely monitored and tracked, and wirelessly reposrting back real-time feedback to the care phyisician.

  • Guided Therapy
  • Precise Monitoring

Make a Difference!

Patient outcomes are improved, naturally and efficiently, with better results. These results encourage the patient to continue the therapy, therefore healing quickly.

  • Progress Tracking
  • Clinical Reporting

The Inspiration

There are many who inspired the Physmodo App. Orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors--the people who do this every day.

"I needed to quickly assess a patient's problem areas and analyze them over time."

-Donald, Orthopedic Surgeon

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