Quantifying Human Movement

Physmodo uses computer vision to deliver a quick, objective, automated and easily repeatable movement assessment to quantify how your body moves

You cannot manage movement if you cannot measure movement.



Develop a simple way to measure a critical and often lost component of health.



Use computer vision to deliver a quick, objective, automated and easily repeatable movement assessment to quantify how your body moves.

Movement is the forgotten component of health.

Biometrics – sleep, HRV, respiratory rate – can be measured daily.

Yet biomechanics - movement - is measured infrequently. Or not at all. Why? Limited time and resources = no scalability.

Imagine measuring biometric data once a year

With so many variables - stress, nutrition, travel, illness - there would be no baseline. Measuring movement should also account for these variables.

Weekly or even daily screens are needed to truly optimize value from measuring movement.

Enter Physmodo

Our signature movement assessment – MVE® – offers the following benefits:


A single movement; 30 seconds; quick and easy; no trainer needed to administer


Objective scores with no human error; indicators to denote poor movement


Personalized science based program aimed to improve movement

Track Progress

History of scores and analytics

feel better

Based on your movement indicators - your mobility, stability, posture and symmetry - we provide a custom and evidence-based program tailored to your body’s needs.

Physmodo MVE®

How it Works

Perform your science-based movement program and track progress daily!

“Historically we measure movement once a semester. With Physmodo, our athletes screen once a week. Sometimes all 550 can screen in one day.”

Dan Wirth, Head of Strength and Conditioning

University of Tennessee

"Physmodo is an excellent engagement tool that StretchLab incorporates into our workflow. Each session starts with a movement screen that highlights areas of the body our flexologists can focus. It brings an element of personalization to the member experience."

Lou DeFrancisco, President


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Engage members to increase retention and personal training

Team Sports

Track player movement to manage workload and increase performance


Track patient recovery


Reduce musculoskeletal claims


Manage workload and prevent injury

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